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Jazz with a voice | The Music of Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy

PART #1 OF INTERVIEW the phone lines lit up and over 80,000 people tunnes in and heard the song “it’s all about the love. Demonstrates that recording Joel Crafton is a solid artist. The song is gaining steam like a runaway train as new stations from around the world continue to add this song. We must remember it’s the voice of the people it’s not about A&R like back in the day.
The people have spoken and the DJs are listening thank you for your love and support inbox me if you don’t have the song I am honored to get it to you as I am honored for you to play. Going to adds let’s make this song a part of your playlist.

International recording artist Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy
PART # of Interview Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy

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It’s All About The Love

International recording artist Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy on
September 24, 2021, will release his song titled

This song is action-packed with Jazzy and R&B Grooves, filled with lyrics that feed the heart. This song is locked and loaded with major music hits makers that have multiple music awards giving this song the power it needs to get this message across. DJs from around the world are just as excited as the fans to get this song in steady rotation. The message is clear “It’s All About The Love”

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The song is available for pre-orders

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