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Jazz with a voice | The Music of Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy

PART #1 OF INTERVIEW the phone lines lit up and over 80,000 people tunnes in and heard the song “it’s all about the love. Demonstrates that recording Joel Crafton is a solid artist. The song is gaining steam like a runaway train as new stations from around the world continue to add this song. We must remember it’s the voice of the people it’s not about A&R like back in the day.
The people have spoken and the DJs are listening thank you for your love and support inbox me if you don’t have the song I am honored to get it to you as I am honored for you to play. Going to adds let’s make this song a part of your playlist.

International recording artist Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy
PART # of Interview Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy

available websites:

It’s All About The Love

International recording artist Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy on
September 24, 2021, will release his song titled

This song is action-packed with Jazzy and R&B Grooves, filled with lyrics that feed the heart. This song is locked and loaded with major music hits makers that have multiple music awards giving this song the power it needs to get this message across. DJs from around the world are just as excited as the fans to get this song in steady rotation. The message is clear “It’s All About The Love”

Please visit
The song is available for pre-orders

Joel Crafton Making History

Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy makes musical history from the USA to the UK halfway around the world Joel Crafton has proven to be an artist that holds his ground in a competitive business. With his new single title, Somebody’s Telling You Lies debuted on Dancefloor Memories with Patrick Hawkins Podcast By PATRICK HAWKINS show featuring two tracks from Joel Crafton AKA Black Pinoy including his brand new single.

If You Scroll to the number 21:03 you will hear the two songs


Where you can buy the music

Officially released on Amazon somebody’s telling you lies by Black Pinoy – sold on all major music platforms.…/dp/B096N3R7MX/ref=sr_1_1…

Somebody’s telling you lies the new smash hit by celebrity Black Pinoy pick up your coffee today.

Jazz With A Message

Sometime in June. lookout for the new single, “SOMEBODY’S TELLING YOU LIES”, Jazz with the message. All DJs ( Promoters and Media) please inbox me, or email me at so I can get this song to you with additional information and BIO. Everyone, please look out for the pre-release posting. I want to thank all the indie artist that believed in this solid project as we cross the bridge of success together. We are sending out a positive message in this song. Please free to share, this post. This song will be available on all major online stores. We are available for interviews.
Sincerely Joel Crafton a.k.a. Black Pinoy.

With this PayPal link you can make a pre-order payment we will email you the song within the pre-release period. The perfect gift for the right reasons.

Helping musicians and recording artists.

Tutorials by international recording artist Joel Crafton helping artists get a competitive edge.

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  3. Freezing Tracks A Lifesaver in LOGIC PRO X SAVING CPU

Experience is a game changer – when it comes to music.

Experience is a game changer

Joel Crafton came from a major record label as a past EMI – artist. Today’s artist unexpectedly wondering, what, when and where the next gig will come from that will reconnect them with their fans. This coronavirus, has significantly affected the music business as a real game-changer in live performances, as some of the most skillful and well recognized artists are forced to do Facebook live concerts or some other video performances that would assure their fans that they are not forgotten. Visibility is everything in the entertainment world in the past 15 years I have flown all over the world established as a major artist performer I set myself up for this very thing. I’ve always had a strong international following and even more today it is proven to be more powerful than ever, radio Stations remembering me working for Atlantic Electra, Atco, WEA. Most of the big hit records R&B, jazz, disco,

I was one of the key people that made sure the radio stations played their songs that became hit records let it be noted. I am in no way taking full credit for their success I am merely stating collectively the people I worked for gave me the tools that have made me successful in where I am today, as a businessman record executive, music publisher writer, recording artist performer, piano player, singing in English Spanish Tagalog.  Multiple music awards. Acting skills studied under the late Tina satin the same acting coach Denzel Washington had.
Recognize as a world class martial artist with over 400 undefeated championships.  I am proud to be prodigy and student of the late, James Anthony Carmichael who produced early Diana Ross Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie who had made efforts to try to signed me with Motown records with my song She’s Sleek She’s Fine although the song did not come out on Motown it did extremely well. Motown was going through so very serious internal problems it was a blessing that James saw value in my musical ability and happy I learned some great arranging skills that will live with me forever.

Black Pinoy – Actor

International recording artist actor JOEL CRAFTON known for having a special skill set in martial arts with over 400 undefeated wins with a musical and acting background. International recording artist – actor JOEL CRAFTON known for having a special skill set in the martial arts with over 400 undefeated wins. Joel Crafton learned how to act from the late Tina satin the same acting coach is Denzel Washington in the city of Mount Vernon New York. JOEL CRAFTON a.k.a. black Pinoy an accomplished singer-songwriter-producer recording artist
and actor.

Music Connect NC – SC- GA

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INTERNATIONAL recording artist JOEL CRAFTON a.k.a. Black Pinoy brings a whole new flavor as a guest appearance in your already existing singing groups and bands. It is an honor to be recognized for the work we do and it is a pleasure in teaming up with you. If you are in North Carolina South Carolina Georgia. I am ready to be on the roster of your gig. Jazz- R&B – Gospel.