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Jazz with a voice | The Music of Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy

PART #1 OF INTERVIEW the phone lines lit up and over 80,000 people tunnes in and heard the song “it’s all about the love. Demonstrates that recording Joel Crafton is a solid artist. The song is gaining steam like a runaway train as new stations from around the world continue to add this song. We must remember it’s the voice of the people it’s not about A&R like back in the day.
The people have spoken and the DJs are listening thank you for your love and support inbox me if you don’t have the song I am honored to get it to you as I am honored for you to play. Going to adds let’s make this song a part of your playlist.

International recording artist Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy
PART # of Interview Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy

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