Music Review by Joel Crafton

http://www.newurbanjazz.com/  This radio station captures a fresh new look of what jazz is all about. I have personally asked some people if they where jazz lovers and found out, it was hard to get a straight answer once they heard Bob Baldwin they became instant lovers, of not only his work but the craft and expression of what jazz is all about.

The moment I saw Bob Baldwin walk on the stage and the moment he hit those keys on the piano he instantly transformed into a musical director giving hand signals, as everyone in his band never missed a beat. Truly entertaining and Bob gives you 100% show. Bob is working on his 20th cd and for sure Bob has an area of hits and has worked with the biggest names in the business. Stop by his radio station spread the word what Bob does it is 100% real. Review by Joel Crafton.

Contemporary Jazz Pianist
Photo Credits AL RUSSELL .